• Lending Partners Leadership

    Philip J. LeFevre, President and CEO

  • Philip J. LeFevre is the founder of Lending Partners and believes the lending industry should be held to a higher standard. What does transparency in lending mean? It means that Lending Partners wants their clients to know exactly what we know. Clients deserve to know what interest rate they qualify for and the associated costs to obtain a home loan.

    Lending Partners adheres to the highest possible standards and will always provide their clients with honest and upfront lending advice. If a client qualifies for a better loan, the Lending Partners team will tell them. At Lending Partners, we have an obligation to do what is in the customer's best interest and base our decisions on what benefits the client and not what maximizes profit.

    These are the principals that govern Lending Partners and members of the Lending Partners team are here because they love their job and want to help clients meet their objectives.

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